The Philadelphia Bullmastiff
Near the Philadelphia Art Museum you will find a unique work of art – the world’s only publically owned statue of a Bullmastiff displayed in a public park.  It is cast bronze sculpture is on a triangular open space surrounded by dedicated benches. The mini-park for the sculpture is located inside a much large triangular patch of land called the Reliance Triangle. The statue is a larger than life-sized Bullmastiff dog, sitting on a sculpted plinth atop a low cylindrical limestone topped concrete base. The dog is sitting on his left hip with his right leg out to the side and his head and fore legs facing forward. The dog is a coppery-gold color with a black mask. The statue is worn smooth in some places from the petting hands of admirers and children attempting to climb aboard for a ride.


The very detailed statue is approximately 42 inches in height with a diameter of 4 feet. The base has a range in height of approximately 3 1/2 to 6 inches with a diameter of 5 feet. The sculpture is of bronze and the base is concrete with limestone top.  There is a bronze plaque on the base which reads “Gamekeeper's Night Dog-Victoria Davila Sculptor-Dedicated by the Fairmount Park Commission 1989.”  The sculpture was completed in 1989. The dog was cast in October of 1989, copyrighted also in 1989, and formally dedicated on November 8, 1989. The dog was sculpted by Victoria Davila (1950- ) using the Argos, Inc. foundry. 

The sculpture was a gift to the city of Philadelphia by DVBC Member Edward H. Schwartz.


The Gamekeepers Night Dog is located at the Reliance Triangle Pennsylvania Avenue, Fairmount Avenue, & 25th Street
 (near the Philadelphia Art Museum) Philadelphia Pennsylvania.



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